EAGE aims to bridge the gap between the university and professional environment. In a competitive environment for recruiting the next generation of skilled professionals, EAGE recognizes the students’ need to participate in programmes that will increase the scientific and technical knowledge, as well as the need for students to have access to a global professional network.


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Join the exciting GEO-QUIZ in Latin America

Geo-Quiz Masters will be challenging students at this year's GEO QUIZ. Up to 30 teams, including the winning teams of the regional Geo-Quiz battles, will be put to the test as they compete to outwit each other, striving to win fabulous prizes! It's one of the highlights of 10° Congreso de Exploración y Desarrollo de Hidrocarburos del IAPG, from 5 -9 November 2018 in Mendoza Argentina, so make sure you get there early and join the fun! Time :   November 2018, 15:30-16:10,  Where: Room 2

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