EAGE Student Chapter e-Summit

The EAGE e-Summits is a series of online events targeted to connect geoscience & engineering students from around the globe through a monthly interactive forum. For each delivery, we bring together a set of panellists to talk about specific themes students have questions on, such as: 'How do I connect to my fellow students?', 'What can I learn from recent graduates who already started their career?' and 'What skills do I need to contribute to the Energy Transition as a geoscientists?'.


Interaction from you, our student community is key! Not only are we welcoming new panelists each month, participants themselves play a key role in contributing to the summit. To make the most of your attendance of the e-Summit, we encourage active participation in the session. So, make sure to register in time and prepare some questions! 

Participation in the e-Summits is free and open to all students.  Curious to see what has been done so far? You can find an overview of our past and future deliveries below. 

e-Summit 1: How to Connect in Time of Self-Isolation?

This first e-Summit brought together students, student chapter representatives and other members of the EAGE community together. The theme of this first meeting is: ’How to connect with your student community in times of self-isolation?

To answer this question, a panel of four participants contributed to this initial e-Summit.


Our panelists for this first e-Summit were:

Alexander Jüstel - RWTH Aachen, Germany

Ibrahim Maarof - National University of Malaysia, Malaysia 

Nawal de Freslon - Beicip-Franlab & President of Local Chapter Paris, France

Nombusa Maduna - President EAGE Student Chapter at the University of the Witswatersrand, South Africa

The e-Summit took place on Thursday 30 April, 10:00 CEST. During the meeting, panelists discussed the (technological) challenges which they had to overcome, maintaining a connection with other committee members and shared best practices for the organization of online events. 

e-Summit 2: Ready, Set, GO! Best (and worst) practices kickstarting your career

Not sure in which direction to start your career? The EAGE Student e-Summit ‘Ready, Set GO! Best (and worst) practices on kickstarting your career’ is here to help! Join our panelists on 4 June, 16:00 - 17:00 hrs CEST.

Summer fast is approaching, many are nearing the end of the academic year. Right now, in the rush of exams and deadlines, you may be thinking about what to do when you’re done with this all. Are you going to pursue that PhD, secure your first ever post-doc position or are you off to start your career in industry? What does it mean to start all over again in a different country?

The upcoming EAGE e-Summit is set up to help with the questions and provide some fresh insights. We’ve invited three Young Professionals to talk about their experiences landing a first job and their career paths. This week, we’re joined by the following panellists:


  • Larry Sandoval - Seismic Data Manager, Total, France
  • Sebastian Uhleman - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California, USA
  • Axel Tcheheumeni Djanni, EMGS, Norway

The e-Summit took place on Thursday 4 June, 16:00 - 17:00 hrs CEST.

e-Summit 3: Do you GE(E)T it? Geoscience, Engineering and the Energy Transition, pt. 1

Do you GE(E)T it? Geoscience, Engineering and the Energy Transition, part. 1
The energy transition in Europe, Middle East and Africa region

Energy Transition is HOT! And we’re not just talking about geothermal heat here. Companies, governments and research institutions around the globe are dedicating time and resources to pivot towards renewable energy sources. How can earth science students be on the vanguard of this transition? What kind of skill set would you need to be part of this change?

Join our panellists on Monday 6 July, APAC / Europe Market. 10:00 - 11:00 hrs CEST

This week, we’re joined by the following panellists:

  • Maximilian Haas - CERN / Montanuniversität Leoben, Switzerland / Austria
  • Santika Satya Widita - Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia
  • Carla Martin Clave - University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

 This e-Summit has now been concluded, registration is therefore no longer possible. 

e-Summit 4: Do you GE(E)T it? Geoscience, Engineering and the Energy Transition, pt 2. Date & Time TBC

Do you GE(E)T it? Geoscience Engineering & Energy Transition, part 2.


In the second delivery of our e-Summit focussing on Energy Transition, we will focus on the Americas - a region of both great potential and mature markets. With mountain ranges, rivers, deserts, wind and geothermal potential present, many countries have the potential to tap into these renewable energy resources. The school book example would be Costa Rica, where of 95% of the electricity generated comes from renewable energy resources. Countries like Colombia also have great potential to further grow the renewable energy share of electricity generations. 

 This second session will therefore focus on what students can do to support this move to energy transition.


Registration, time and dates TBC.