EAGE Student Reports and Poster submissions

All EAGE Student Chapters should submit two reports and one A1 (portrait) poster to EAGE:

Item   Deadeline
 Online Geo‐Quiz registration  March 11 
 Online Geo‐Quiz  12 March
 Student Chapter Poster submission  2 April 2018 ( postponed to 30 April) 
 Student Chapter mid‐term report   2 April 2018 ( postponed to 30 April) 
 Student Chapter annual report   30 December 2018


The Final report 2018

The report and overview should be submitted  from November 1st to December 30th  2018. 

The link for the submission will be published on November 1st 2018.

Make sure that the overview does not include any new information that is not described in the report.
The first review will be done by the Community Manager. The second review will be done by the Student Affairs Committee. Based on these reviews the Best Student
Chapter for 2018‐2019 will be selected! The final report includes a description
of (if applicable):

1. Membership

  • Number of EAGE members in the Student Chapter (in an overview,
    including names).
  • List of Chapter Officers
  • Contact details
  • Chapter website/webpage/social network
  • Chapter sponsor(s), if an

2.Activity overview (organized between January 2018 – November 2018):

  • Duration
  • Number of speakers
  • Number of participants
  • Number of international lecturers
  • An annual general assembly
  • Financial support (local) companies (amount)
  • EAGE financial support (amount)
  • Cooperation with other student chapters/local chapters

3. Participation EAGE events:

  • Include number of Student Chapter members participating
  • If applicable: include number or student participants in EAGE Student Lecture Tour.

4.Publications about Student Chapter activities (January 2018 – November 2018)

  • First Break or EAGE Student newsletter
  • Local journals
  • International journals
  • newspapers/newsletter
  • own website

5. Remarks/other activities
6. Proposed Student Chapter activities for January 2019 – July 2019
7. What distinguishes your Student Chapter (why should you receive the Best Student
Chapter Prize 2018‐2019?) Max. 250 words.

Submit your report