How to participate in the Laurie Dake Challenge 2021

Universities are invited to participate in the Laurie Dake Challenge with a multidisciplinary team of 3 to 5 students (one PhD student per team allowed). The competition includes three selection rounds that are further explained below.There’s more valuable guidance in an article published in the October 2017 issue of First Break (pp. 12).

To enter the competition each team is required to submit a Motivation Letter and signed Declaration of Academic Integrity.

We are looking forward to your application for the next edition of the Laurie Dake Challenge!!








All universities are invited to participated in this competition, details we be published soon and the time frame of the competition is described below:

Item  Deadline
Sign up your team and submit your Letter of Motivation Monday 18 January
First Round Selection  January 2021 
Second Round Submission  
Finalist announcement ( 6 teams selected to present the final) TBD
Final presentation slides submission  TBD
Final Development plan presentation  June 2021
Announcement of the winner   
Selection round 1.Exploration data set assignment

This year, we’re asking teams to submit a motivation letter of maximum 4 pages on how they will set themselves up for success. Do you have a great multi-disciplinary team, possess great project management skills, or are able to communicate your results like a champ? We want to find out in your team’s motivation letter! The best teams will receive the full dataset to impress the jury with their proposal for the field development. 

Teams can only have one PhD student per group in addition to MSc and BSc students. Each team comprises a maximum of five members, so make sure to get a broad range of topics covered! Register your team now and write an essay.

The first assignment should be submitted by Monday 18 January. 

Please complete the submission  of the assignment and if you have any further question do not  hesitate to contact us at

Selection round 2. Assignment submission

Based on the applications the jury will make a selection of teams, these teams will receive the dataset and should prepare a development plan and pitch their development plans in a 3-minute video.

The pitch interim review will result in the selection of the 6 finalist teams who will be invited to present  their plan in front of an expert panel in June 2021!

Requirements of the video:

- Acceptable quality visual and sound Landscape orientation

- The duration of the video should NOT be longer than 3 minutes

Remember that you pitch your field development plan to Wintershall DEA!

Based on the submission, the Laurie Dake Challenge jury will select the six finalist teams that will be invited to present their final 


Selection round 3. Final Presentations

Teams selected in the Final round:

EAGE invites team members of the six finalist university teams to present their findings to an expert Laurie Dake Challenge jury in June 2021.. The presentations will be judged by 8 to 10 jury members, all with their own expertise.

All finalist teams are required to submit their Laurie Dake Challenge Development plans and the presentations a few weeks before the finals. The Laurie Dake  development plans must include the following:

• Well log analysis
• Structural model
• Identified flow units
• Static reservoir model property modelling
• Dynamic reservoir model
• Forward (appraisal and) development plan


EAGE Laurie Dake Challenge

Laurie Dake Challenge finalists will present their findings to an expert jury, after months of working on a dataset (provided by Wintershall DEA) of a discovered hydrocarbon resource. Universities and industry are invited to attend the presentations and witness the competition between the most excellent multi-disciplinary student teams on a global scale.