Software list

The Laurie Dake Challenge_ Useful Software List.




Application area



PetroMehras Extensive directory regarding Petroleum Software Open source
APPG/Search & discovery Article regarding open source and unexpensive software and sources Open source
Shared Earth models
Petrel Schlumberger Earth sciences & petroleum Commercial
Gocad/SKUA Emerson Earth sciences & petroleum Commercial
TemisFlow Beicip Basin modelling Commercial
Tally II DOE/NETL Pipe Tally Sheet for Pocket PC Open source
Roxar RMS Roxar Seismic to simulation process Commercial
OpendTecT dGB Earth Sciences seismic interpretation esp. sequence stratigraphy Free
RokDoc IKON Science rock physics, well ties, AVO, and other seismic QI Commercial
Petrel Schlumberger Seismic interpretation, seismic inversion Commercial
various toolbox CREWES various seismic modelling tools R&D aligned Free
PetroExpert Pangea Inc. Petrophysical modelling and log data interpretation Commercial
Visage Schlumberger Geomechanics simulator Commercial
Geological modelling
Surfer Golden Contourning and surace modelilng package Commercial
Reservoir simulation
Eclipse Schlumberger Reservoir simulation Commercial
IX Schlumberger Reservoir simulation Commercial
tNavigator Rock Flow Dynamics Reservoir simulation Commercial
Roxar Tempest MORE Roxar Reservoir simulation Commercial
Reveal Petroleum Experts Reservoir simulation Commercial
MRST Sintef Matlab Reservoir Simulation Tool Open source
OPM OPM Community Open-source reservoir simulator (focus on CO2 sequestration and improved and enhanced oil recovery) Open source
ResInsight Ceetron Solutions AS Open source 3D visualization tool Open source
BOAST DOE/NETL Reservoir simulation Open source
Gasdel DOE/NETL Single well gas deliverability Open source
Master 3.0 DOE/NETL Miscible injection Open source
MTS DOE/NETL Microbial Transport Simulator Open source
UTCHEM University of Texas Chemical enhanced recovery Academic Dr. Gary Pope at (512) 471-7234
TRACRL DOE/NETL Single well chemical tracer test Open source
EOR Predictive models DOE/NETL EOR predicitve models for 5 processes Open source
CO2 prophet DOE/NETL Water and CO2 Flood Prediction Software Open source
PumaFlow Beicip Reservoir simulation Commercial
Visualization and postprocessing
Roxar Tempest Roxar Reservoir simulation visualization Commercial
Uncertainty & Economics
Monte Carlo Simulation Software DOE/NETL Monte Carlo Simulation Software Open source
TREE2000 DOE/NETL Decision Tree Software Open source