EAGE Student Membership

 EAGE aims to bridge the gap between the university and professional environment. In a competitive environment for recruiting the next generation of skilled professionals, EAGE recognizes the students’ need to participate in programmes that will increase the scientific and technical knowledge, as well as the need for students to have access to a global professional network.

Becoming an EAGE member will open doors to knowledge and a worldwide network of professionals and students in geoscience and engineering. Have you never been a member before?


Maybe you can try out the EAGE membership benefits with our sponsored student memberships.


Have you been a member before?

We are glad to have you back! You can apply for a membership with a 50% student discount.

As an EAGE student member why you should joins us:

  • Increase your scientific and technical knowledge
  • Meet fellow students from all around the world
  • Network with professionals and company recruiters
  • Become part of a professional geoscience network
  • Get a head start in your career.

Students also can be  an EAGE member and have the opportunity to create their  EAGE Student Chapter!

Here are  a few benefits of  being a student member:

EAGE Student Membership Benefits

All EAGE student members receive the same benefits as professional EAGE members:

Last but not least, student members will be the first ones to know about new student opportunities offered or supported by EAGE Student Fund!

Sponsored EAGE Student Membership

Are you new to EAGE? We are glad to see you here!

To thank you for your interest in EAGE, we would like to offer you a Student membership grant for one year and receive full access to the EAGE membership benefits.


  •  Students can be no older than 29 years of age (when applying).
  •  Students must be registered in a full time study programme at a recognized university or institute.
  • Applications are accepted from first time student applicants only.
  • A valid student identification card is an obligatory document in order to apply.

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Regular Student Membership

An EAGE membership usually costs € 50,- per year, but for students we offer a 50% discount! All students (at all educational levels) may apply for a regular student membership of € 25,- at any time during their studies.




  • Students must be registered in a full time study programme at a recognized university or institute.
  • Students must not be older than 34 (when applying).

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