Support a Student programme 

An EAGE student membership costs € 25,- per year (first year for free), which means a 50% discount on the regular membership fee of € 50,-.
Yet, some students around the globe cannot afford to pay this yearly fee. 

To give these students the opportunity to be part of our global network, and benefit from EAGE's services, EAGE has initiated a special support programme. This initiative, called ‘Support a Student’, gives students the opportunity to apply for a free membership, even after the first free trial year, donated by EAGE members.


Support a Student: How does it work?


For EAGE members

EAGE members (professionals) can support one or more students by donating €25 per student per year. The professional can choose whether he/she would like to select the student(s) him-/herself or whether EAGE should select the student(s) randomly. Besides financial support, the professional could fulfill a role as student advisor (optional). The supporter will receive the contact details of the student, but can choose to be anonymous him-/herself.


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For students

Students can apply for the ‘Support a Student’ programme by submitting a motivation demonstrating why they cannot pay for their membership and why they would like to be part of the EAGE community. This motivation is the main criterion used to select students for a donated membership.

Please note that this support programme focusses on students that cannot afford to pay their EAGE membership fee and student applicants must be registered in a full-time study programme at a recognized university or institute.


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