The MINUS CO2 Application

The world is changing – and the challenge of climate change is impacting the oil and gas business in many ways. As with other EAGE field challenges, we focus on a real oilfield dataset bringing practical experience to help students with successful careers in the applied geosciences. The MINUS CO2 CHALLENGE is the same but different – we challenge teams to use a subsurface hydrocarbon resource but with zero net emissions of CO2 to the atmosphere. Any form of CO2 management may be used in association with the hydrocarbon resource model (e.g. CO2 capture, CO2 strorage, CO2 EOR, or renewable energy options. We invite university teams of three to five students to apply from 11 June  until 30 September 2018, to take part in this innovative challenge, which has also received generous support from Total.

Every team that applies will receive a dataset, which will be supplied Equinor, to work with. They will have the opportunity to analyze the dataset and propose a low-carbon field development plan of a discovered hydrocarbon resource. Out of all teams, the best will be selected to present their development plan at the 81st EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2019, held on 2 June 2019 in London, UK, with their flights, accommodation and registration for the event covered by EAGE.

The winning team will receive the prestigious opportunity to present their field development plan findings the following September at EAGE's flagship Near Surface Geoscience Conference and Exhibition 2019 in the Netherlands, with accommodation, flights and registration covered by the EAGE Green Fund.

To ensure a successful application you should be aware about the rules and procedures of the MINUS-CO2 challenge and a signed ‘Declaration of Academic Integrity’ should be attached in application.

If your application is accepted, we will notify you after a period of 48 hours and the first assignment from Equinor will be provided.

You will have more chance to prepare the submission of the assignment as soon as you apply to the challenge.

Submissions must be completed by 30 September and if you have any further question do not hesitate to contact us at


Join the Challenge

Selection round 1assignment

Every team that applies will receive an assignment, which is sponsored by Equinor, to work with. Your team will have the opportunity to propose a novel way of utilizing this resource with zero-net emissions.

The first assignment should  be submitted  by 30 September 2018. 

In this first round,  the best ten teams will be selected for the next round of selection.

Please complete the submission  of the assignment and if you have any further question do not  hesitate to contact  Rosmery Gonzalez