EAGE E-lectures

Besides many offline educational student activities, EAGE also offers (student) E-lectures. The videos cover a specific or more general geoscience or engineering topic and last for about 10 to 15 minutes. While many of the e-lectures are presented for a professional audience, we have now also started recording student E-lectures, custom-made for students! You can find all EAGE E-lectures on our YouTube channel.  

Frequency Decomposition of Seismic Data by Gaynor Paton 


Frequency Decomposition and RGB blending are commonly used to aid seismic interpretation. This lecture looks at the three main methods of frequency decomposition and discusses the relative advantages of each technique. It also covers some short case studies showing how the correct technique should be used depending on the interpretation objective. The lecture also covers RGB blending and how this can be used to understand and interpret the frequency response volumes.


Petrographic coded correlations in petrophysics by Nina Gegenhuber 


Petrophysics refers to the research on the physical properties of rocks, their experimental and theoretical derivation and their correlations. In this e-lecture the petrographic coded model concept will be explained and some examples of the first applications are shown. The first application of the model was to derive a correlation between thermal conductivity and compressional wave velocity. The model concept can help to understand various influencing factors for the different petrophysical properties and become a powerful tool for data interpretation.