Past Student Lecture Tours

For many years EAGE has been offering SLTs reaching out to students and universities around the world. The below shows an overview of our past SLTs.

Asia Pacific

Lecturer Topic  Year  Region 
Dr. Gaynor S. Paton             

Colour Perception and its Role in Seismic Interpretation: A Geological Expression Story                        

 2014-2015 Asia Pacific
Dr Pham Huy Giao             

Petrophysics of Fractured Granite Basement Reservoir                     

 2013-2014 Asia Pacific



Lecturer Topic  Year  Region 
 Dr. Patrick Connolly  Probabilistic Seismic Inversion   2018  Europe
 Dr. Gaynor S. Paton   Colour Perception and its Role in Seismic Interpretation: A Geological Expression Story   2018  Europe
Dr. Gaynor S. Paton  Colour Perception and its Role in Seismic Interpretation: A Geological Expression Story     2016-2017  Europe
Prof. Dr. M.C. Poppelreiter
 Anatomy of ice-house vs greenhouse carbonate platforms:
comparison of 2 giant reservoirs
 2016  Europe
Dr. Paolo Dell'Aversana Integrated Geophysical Models  2014-2015 Europe
Total Fractured Reservoir Modelling  2013-2014 Europe
GASH Shale Gas Perspectives  2011-2012 Europe
CO2GeoNet Geological Storage of CO2  2010-2011 Europe 
Total & TPA What Energy Future after the World Oil Production Peak?  2009-2010 Europe
Dr. David Roberts Minerals: Who Needs Them, Who Supplies Them and How Much Is there  2008-2009 Europe 
Prof. Benoît Deffontaines New monitoring technologies for natural hazards and surface displacements  2007-2008 Europe
Dr. Marc de Batist Natural gas hydrates - their occurrence, their characteristics and their role in  the Earth System  2006-2007 Europe 
Dr. Alain-Yves Huc Geological History of CO2:Atmospheric Change and Natural Sequestration  2005-2006 Europe 


Middle East 

Lecturer Topic  Year  Region 
Michael Pöppelreiter                       Digital Geology: Flight Simulator for Petroleum Engineers                                                                       2014-2015 Middle East
Dr Bjorn Wygrala                      Basin and Petroleum Systems Modelling: Technology and Applications for Petroleum Exploration Risk and Resource Assessments                                                                   2013-2014 Middle East
Dr David Roberts                       Minerals: Who needs them, who supplies them and how much is there?                                                                            2011-2012 Middle East
Mr István Vetö Shale Gas Perspectives  2011-2012 Middle East
Prof. Dr Rudy Swennen Diagenesis in carbonate reservoirs in foreland folds and thrust belts with special emphasis on hydrothermal dolomites 2010-2011 Middle East
Prof. Alain Prinzhofer Contribution of Crustal and Mantelic Fluids on the Functioning of Petroleum Systems  2009-2010 Middle East
Dr. Peter Nederlof New Applications in Petroleum Geochemistry  2008-2009 Middle East
Alain-Yves Huc Geological History of CO2: Atmospheric Change and Natural Sequestration  2007-2008 Middle East



Lecturer   Topic  Year  Region 
Dr Evgeniy Kovalevskiy          Geological Modelling on the Base of Geostatistics                                                                                                     2011-2012 Russia/CIS