EAGE student members can receive financial support from the Association in order to participate in events, successfully organize local scientific events, or to reward extraordinary achievements and top students with awards and scholarships. We recognize the following forms of financial support:

Student Event Support

EAGE appreciates new educational initiatives by and for geoscience and engineering students. As fundraising for such an initiative is a tough job, EAGE is happy to contribute. 

The EAGE Student Support Programme is sponsored by the EAGE Fund and finances Geoscience educational proposals in order to promote new and innovative ideas and up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge of its student members. This support is available for EAGE Student Chapters and EAGE student members. 

Not only can EAGE support the organization of the initiative in fundraising, but can also financially contribute to educational proposes that aim to update theoretical and/ or practical knowledge of the local student community.

In order to qualify for EAGE Student Support Programme and financial support, please take the regulations into consideration.

For more information, please contact us.

In order to qualify for EAGE Student Support Programme and financial support, please take the following criteria into consideration:

• Only EAGE Student members who cannot obtain financial support given by their university/institute or other sources can apply.

• The application should be submitted of the name of maximum 3 applicants. We could also ask them to give us a primary and secondary contact person

• The number of participants in the organized event is unlimited, however the participants should be EAGE members.

• The applicant will only be considered for a grant once a year.

• Priority will be given to EAGE Student Chapters and their members.

• The submission should be submitted at least 3 months prior the event. Applications received later than this period will not be considered.

• Acceptance notification will be given 2 months after the proposal submission.

• As the EAGE Fund budget is limited, it cannot be guaranteed that the (total) requested support will be granted.

• In case support is granted, the awarded amount will be provided after the event, directly upon its confirmation by the organizers.

• For requested scientific experimental materials and support for internship support the grant shall be given in advance after presenting the necessary budget and referees.

• After the event, the organizers must write a short paper accompanied with photographs for the First Break. And we could ask them to do so within a (standard) amount of time, for instance within a month.

• The supplier form and invoice should be send to the EAGE StudenFund

In order to qualify for EAGE Student Support Programme and financial support, please summit your application at

 The evaluation of the proposal is based on

1. activity of the student chapter in the past
2. academic and employment performance.
3. relevance and uniqueness of the scientific project
4. clear budget outlining
5. university support and recommendation
6. other sponsors support

EAGE Student Support options:

1. Field work
2. Laboratory equipment
3. Laboratory analysis
4. Student conference events
5. Student Lecture Tours
7. Invite non EAGE lecturers
8. Invite EAGE lecturers
9. Organize courses and workshops
10. Student thesis support
11. Visiting of companies
12. Support grants for internships at recognized universities
13. Others