Gustavo Sclocchi Award

The Gustavo Sclocchi Award is a corporation between EAGE,  SPE(Society of Petroleum Engineers – Italian Section) and Assomineraria (Italian Petroleum and Mining Industry Association – Hydrocarbon and Geothermal Resources Sector).

The awards are for the best theses in geosciences and petroleum engineering presented by any university and diploma graduates, and  Ph.D students from Italian universities as well as by  Italian nationals graduated abroad. The awards started in 1993 and since 2001 have been associated with the late Gustavo Sclocchi, an Eni manager, who was the main promoter of the event and this year reached the 26th edition. Over the last 24 years 641 theses have been submitted out of which 138 have won awards. A list of the current  year winners of the Gustavo Sclocchi Award is available here.  

In order to encourage and reward university graduates, the SPE , EAGE and Assomineraria are pleased to announce the 26th Thesis Award. 

All university graduates from Italian universities and Italian nationals graduated abroad, who will complete their studies or research in the period from November 1st 2017 to December 31st 2018, are entitled to submit their published thesis for the award.

 The theses must cover subjects related to Hydrocarbon (from fossil sources and biomasses) and Geothermal Exploration & Production activities: 

Geology, Geophysics and Formation Evaluation

Exploration, Production and Transport of Hydrocarbons (including LNG)

  Health, Safety, Environment and Carbon Management and Neutrality

Renewable Sources and Energy transition

Green Refinery Feedstocks

Energy Economics & Management

The instructions for participation in the contest are reported here and in SPE  Italian Section.  Candidates must comply with the following deadlines: 

Contact Information and Abstract – deadline December 31rd, 2018
Complete electronic copy of the thesis – deadline January 5th, 2019
Graduation Certificate – before the Award Ceremony

Any questions can be addressed to: The Evaluation Committee shall select the theses considered to be the most worthy of receiving the Award. Its decision is final and is not subject to appeal.

The manuscripts will be subdivided, judged and awarded according to the following four categories:

(a) 2nd Level Master Reports
(b) Bachelor of Science (Laurea di I livello) theses
(c) Master of Science (Laurea Magistrale) theses
(d) Doctor of Philosophy (Dottorato di Ricerca) theses

The prize for categories (a) and (b) will be 1,200€ (twelve hundred Euros) and a plaque. The prize for each winning thesis belonging to categories (c) and (d) will be 2,400€ (twenty four hundred Euros) and a plaque. The award for the running-up theses will consist in a “special mention” plague. Moreover, a reference of each award-winning thesis will be published in the «SPE Bulletin» of the Italian Section, in the «EAGE First Break» journal and in the «Assomin Bulletin».No more than two (2) money prizes for categories (a) and (b) will be awarded. No more than three (3) money prizes for categories (c) and (d) will be awarded The Evaluation Committee will select the number of the money prizes, among classes (a/b) and (c/d), according to the number of received manuscripts per class and the results of the evaluation process. The number of special mention awards for all categories will be similarly decided, with a maximum of six (6).

The Award ceremony will take place in March 2019 in San Donato Milanese (Italy) and winners will be asked to deliver a short presentation of their thesis work. Winners will be notified in due time of the date and venue of the ceremony and of the presentation guidelines.