EarthDoc: Update and Relaunch

An Update on EarthDoc from the Board of EAGE

From January 2020, EAGE’s EarthDoc will move to a much-improved new digital platform, allowing for faster and more effective research and a variety of other important upgrades for an improved user experience.

EarthDoc, since its inception, has been one of the most valued EAGE Membership Services, granting our members access to the latest geoscience and engineering content from our events, journals and associated societies. As a result, EarthDoc has grown beyond our wildest dreams, now hosting over 70,000 papers, and well beyond the capacity of our original database. To facilitate this growth, EarthDoc will transition to a new digital platform, allowing for faster and more advanced searches and a variety of other important upgrades that will make sure that our flagship product EarthDoc remains relevant as a knowledge centre for the geoscience and engineering global community. 

EarthDoc Access

EAGE endeavors to ensure the quality of its membership services, without compromising the membership community by raising membership fees, to ensure geoscientists and engineers from all backgrounds can be part of our global association. However the rising costs of business and the need to invest in platforms like EarthDoc can make this difficult.

In order to keep EAGE membership costs unchanged while transitioning EarthDoc to a new digital platform capable of processing the massive amounts of data, the decision was made to charge additional costs for access to the entire EarthDoc platform. These additional charges allow for EAGE to maintain and develop this important platform, while continuing to provide members of all levels access to its most recent content.

In summary, all members of EAGE will retain a level of access, based on their recognition level. Even first year Green Members will be able to access the most recent two calendar years, and from the second year, upon becoming a Bronze Member, the most recent four calendar years will already be available, with our Platinum Members being able to access 19 calendar years of the archive. As you grow as a member, you will gain a deeper access to the archive, however should you need immediate access to the full archive for a year, a small contribution to support the new platform is asked, depending on your Membership Recognition level as per the table below.                                               


The New and Improved Platform

The new system in addition to bolstering the framework of EarthDoc, offers many key improvements:
  •  EarthDoc will streamline the experience of its users, with more advanced search capabilities, and a much more responsive system.
  • With the implementation of full-text HTML articles, all your EarthDoc reading will adapt to any mobile device, allowing for a smooth transition when researchers are on the move.
  • From January 2020, members will have access to figures, images and tables from the article from the landing page, whether it is a Journal article or otherwise, and will be able to downloaded directly in a PowerPoint file. References, supplements, citations and other important data can also be found on the article page.
  • Also improved is EarthDoc’s ability to process mathematical equations contained in articles. The integration of MathML means that equations will be displayed accurately on the site without having to revert back to the PDF file. It also gives our members the opportunity to directly access the MathML code in which the equation is written.

With the transition to this new system, EarthDoc remains your home for geoscience and engineering knowledge, putting cutting-edge, innovative research at your fingertips. With the support of our members, we hope to enhance your knowledge experience for many years to come!

Learn more about what your Recognition Level here.

The EAGE Board