Publish with EAGE

EAGE publishes books and journals in-house and can also arrange this for third party publications.  EAGE’s extensive marketing network makes sure these publications get the attention they deserve. All books are promoted and sold in EAGE’s online bookshop and during international conferences. Furthermore, reviews of books and interviews with authors are published in EAGE’s flagship magazine First Break. 

For more information on publishing with us, please send an e-mail to

Pile of BooksWhy you should publish with EAGE is easy:

  • Global sales and marketing reach
  • A dedicated and qualified publishing team
  • Quality design and production values    
  • A royalty structure similar to other publishers    
  • Dedicated and experienced subject editors    

Join the EAGE community of well-established authors, such as Ian Jones, Mahmoud Al-Chalabi, Etienne Robein and many more.

So: publish with EAGE and reach out to the world!