Please find here below the FAQ's regarding Membership.

How can I become an EAGE member?

If you already have an EAGE account, please log in to your account and select "Register Membership" on your Dashboard.
Once you have finished the process, your membership will automatically be processed within 15 minutes if you have paid by creditcard. Applications with offline payment method are activated upon receiving the fee per bank transfer.
Should you have any questions on your login account or your membership application, please contact

More information about EAGE Membership is available here.

How can I renew my EAGE membership?

Membership renewal can be done through your personal EAGE account. Please log in with your credentials and select the "Renew Membership" item on your Dashboard. Once you have finished the process and paid with an online payment method, your membership will automatically be within minutes. Renewals through the offline payment method are activated upon receiving the fee per bank transfer.
Should you not see your membership through your login account after this time and having refreshed your browser, then please contact

More information about EAGE Membership is available here.

How much is the EAGE membership fee?
  • Normal membership € 50
  • Student membership € 25* Conditions for eligibility apply.
  • Retired membership € 25** Conditions for eligibility apply.

For normal membership & retired membership the option for a 5-year application/renewal is possible, providing a 6% discount.

What does the EAGE membership include?
  • Access to EarthDoc, EAGE's online geoscience database
  • Discounts for registration in all EAGE conferences and workshops worldwide
  • Every month a new issue of First Break (online & print)
  • Free online subscription to one of EAGE's scientific journals
  • Discounts on additional journal subscriptions
  • Free access to online learning through the Learning Geoscience portal
  • Member discount at the online EAGE Bookshop
  • Access to Members Only webpage (including member search)
  • Please visit this webpage for more information on membership benefits.

    Can I subscribe to an additional journal?

    One online subscription is included in your membership fee. When applying for EAGE membership, you can indicate if you would like to benefit from attractive discounts on additional journal subscriptions (online and / or print). Please note that a print subscription is only possible in combination with an online subscription.

    If you include the online subscription to Geophysical Prospecting in your membership (free of charge), you pay an additional fee of € 35 to receive the printed version. If you choose to receive the online subscription to a different journal, but would like to receive Geophysical Prospecting in print, the fee for the printed version will be € 45 (online + print).

    Journal Online Print *
    Petroleum Geoscience € 10 € 35
    Near Surface Geophysics € 10 € 35
    Geophysical Prospecting € 10 € 35
    Basin Research € 10 € 35

    * Only in combination with an online version

    Can I subscribe to your journals as an institution?
    Yes, please send an e-mail to for the possibilities of an institutional subscription.
    I just bought a membership but do not have access yet.

    If you applied with the offline payment method or you applied for a Student Membership, then your membership will not be immediately activated.
    For Student Memberships there is a check in place whether the applicant has a valid student ID and would therefore be eligible for the Student Membership.
    In case of an offline payment selection, please note that your membership will be activated as soon as the payment has been processed on our side.

    If you applied through the online payment method and have finished the process, you should end up at a "Thank you.." webpage and receive an order confirmation per email as well as the invoice per email within a couple of minutes.
    Should this not be the case, then please contact explaining your situation and what you are not seeing or receiving. We will be more than happy to help you out and resolve the question or situation.