How can we help you?

Please find below an overview of the Frequently Asked Questions. You can also find the FAQ's per subject on the left side menu of this page.

How can I make a new EAGE account?
If you have not been involved with any EAGE membership, events and submissions, you most likely do not have an existing login account.

To make a new account please go to "My EAGE" and click "Create account" button.

Please use your preferred e-mail address when creating an account.
Why am I getting an error that "Email already exists"?
When creating a new account, if you see the error "Email already exists" it means an account already exists for that email address. Instead of creating a new one, please use the existing account. If you do not know your password, then please reset your password with that same email address by clicking "Back to login" and "I cannot log in".

How can I log in the new EAGE website?

To login please click on the "my EAGE" button on the right side of the EAGE website.

Enter your preferred email address and password, as most recently provided by EAGE or changed by yourself in the meantime.

Why can't I log in with my previously set log in name or M-number?

Since March 2017 you will need to log in by using your preferred email address and password.
Your username as set before that time is therefore no longer valid as login username.
Your membership number is still valid but no longer used as username.

What is my login email?
Your login email is your preferred email address, as most recently provided to EAGE.
What is my password (Forgot my password)?

All EAGE contacts with a login account before March 2017 have received an email from EAGE with their new (temporary) password. Please use this password for your login.
If you did not receive this message but did have a login account with EAGE, please contact us through explaining the situation.

Should you simply not remember your password, please request a password reset through the "I cannot login" link.

I did not receive an email with my new log-in / password

If you haven't receive an email from EAGE with your login details, please check the spam folder in your mailbox.
If you still cannot find the message but did have a login account with EAGE, please contact us through explaining the situation.

I want to change my preferred email address or password

You can change your preferred email address and password after logging in to your EAGE account.
In the Member portal you can make the change through the "Update Account" module.

How can I log in for access to journal articles and event papers?

The websites of EarthDoc and the several EAGE journals (First Break, Geophysical Prospecting, Petroleum Geoscience, Near Surface Geophysics, Basin Research) are currently not yet live on the new EAGE website environment.

Therefore please go to and log in to your EAGE account.
Go to "Maintain Account" through your dashboard and change your password (you can change this back later on if you wish).
The password reset will trigger your new login details to be synchronized with EarthDoc* within 10 minutes.
You are successfully logged in on EarthDoc when you see at the top right corner "You are logged in with your EAGE account".

*...and other journal websites...

Can I change the password or My EAGE details of my manager or another colleague?
No. Login credentials are on a personal basis. For privacy and security reasons, every contact/member should reset his/her password.
Why did EAGE change the log-in procedure? (It worked fine)
EAGE has been working on upgrading the website to improve performance and services for the members and visitors. Therefore the login procedure has been updated to improve security as well.

How can I change my details (MyEAGE)?
Please log in to your EAGE account through "my EAGE" on the top right. Once logged in, please go to "My Contact Details" and change the details you would like to change or add. Should some information not be changeable, please contact us through with the change you would like to see processed and a full description (incl. screenshots if possible) of the error you are running into.
Can I change MyEAGE details for others?
Login accounts are on a personal basis and non-transferrable. Any new contact that is not yet known to EAGE should create an account for him-/herself.

How can I become an EAGE member?

If you already have an EAGE account, please log in to your account and select "Register Membership" on your Dashboard.
Once you have finished the process, your membership will automatically be processed within 15 minutes if you have paid by creditcard. Applications with offline payment method are activated upon receiving the fee per bank transfer.
Should you have any questions on your login account or your membership application, please contact

More information about EAGE Membership is available here.

How can I renew my EAGE membership?

Membership renewal can be done through your personal EAGE account. Please log in with your credentials and select the "Renew Membership" item on your Dashboard. Once you have finished the process and paid with an online payment method, your membership will automatically be within minutes. Renewals through the offline payment method are activated upon receiving the fee per bank transfer.
Should you not see your membership through your login account after this time and having refreshed your browser, then please contact

More information about EAGE Membership is available here.

How much is the EAGE membership fee?
  • Normal membership € 50
  • Student membership € 25* Conditions for eligibility apply.
  • Retired membership € 25** Conditions for eligibility apply.

For normal membership & retired membership the option for a 5-year application/renewal is possible, providing a 6% discount.

What does the EAGE membership include?
  • Access to EarthDoc, EAGE's online geoscience database
  • Discounts for registration in all EAGE conferences and workshops worldwide
  • Every month a new issue of First Break (online & print)
  • Free online subscription to one of EAGE's scientific journals
  • Discounts on additional journal subscriptions
  • Free access to online learning through the Learning Geoscience portal
  • Member discount at the online EAGE Bookshop
  • Access to Members Only webpage (including member search)
  • Please visit this webpage for more information on membership benefits.

    Can I subscribe to your journals as an institution?
    Yes, please send an e-mail to for the possibilities of an institutional subscription.
    I just bought a membership but do not have access yet.

    If you applied with the offline payment method or you applied for a Student Membership, then your membership will not be immediately activated.
    For Student Memberships there is a check in place whether the applicant has a valid student ID and would therefore be eligible for the Student Membership.
    In case of an offline payment selection, please note that your membership will be activated as soon as the payment has been processed on our side.

    If you applied through the online payment method and have finished the process, you should end up at a "Thank you.." webpage and receive an order confirmation per email as well as the invoice per email within a couple of minutes.
    Should this not be the case, then please contact explaining your situation and what you are not seeing or receiving. We will be more than happy to help you out and resolve the question or situation.

    How can I submit a paper?

    You can submit an extended abstract if the Call for Abstracts is open.
    To submit an (extended) abstract, you need to be logged in. Please log in (using your known email address or create a new account if you have never logged on to the EAGE website before). Once logged in, please select the appropriate event in the calendar of events to access the online submission module of a relevant event.

    I cannot see my submission after login. Why not?

    A submission is available/visible in the account of the owner of the submission, not in the accounts of all (co-)authors.
    By default, the presenter will be set to the owner.

    How can I change a submission?

    To change your submission details or to upload a revision of your extended abstract, please go to the relevant event's Submission portal (the same one where you submitted the abstract). You may be asked to log in.

    You can edit your submission as long as the Call for Abstracts is open.

    I received a request for a revision of my uploaded document. How should I proceed?

    If you have received an email from the TP&P team ( with a request to send a revision of your abstract, extended abstract or full paper via email, please send it with a reference to the event and the submission number in the subject of your email.

    Is an extension of the submission deadline possible?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to extend the deadline to submit an extended abstract for any event.

    The status of my submission is still Being Reviewed. When will that be changed?

    As soon as the Technical Programme has been finalized, the submission status will be changed and you will receive a notification via email.

    Is it possible to send my submission to EAGE via email?

    It is not possible to submit your extended abstract via email to the EAGE. The time that is required to process submissions manually, does not allow us to do manual uploads.
    Kindly note that emails with a request to manually upload a submission will not be taken into consideration.

    When I subimtted, I indicated presentation type 'Oral Only', but my presentation has been accepted as Poster.

    The selection of submissions for the Technical Programme is being done based on review score, as well as 'session consistency'.

    During the selection process the submissions have also been checked for large differences in the rating of the same paper by different reviewers, to catch any oddities in the reviewing process.

    The selection meeting decides which extended abstracts are more suitable for an oral or poster presentation
    In case your extended abstract was submitted with presentation preference 'Oral only' and the decision of the selection meeting was that it is a best fit in a poster session, your submissions will be placed in that session.
    Kindly note that it is not possible to swap your presentation with a presentation in an oral session. If your preference still remains 'Oral only' and you do not wish to present your extended abstract in a poster session,  your submission will be set to 'Rejected'.

    Alternative is to withdraw your presentation from the programme, though we sincerely hope that you are willing to present your extended abstract.

    How can I review a paper?

    If you have received an email that submissions are available in your account for reviewing purposes, please follow the instructions in the email. You may be asked to log in.

    How can I register for an event?

    You can register for an event as explained below:

    Registration via online registration system:
    1. Open the Calendar of Events.
    - Click on "View Event" button to go the event webpage And proceed to the registration page.
    - Click on "Register now" to go directly to the registration page.
    2. You can finish the registration via the online registration system.

    • If you choose for online payment with credit card, the payment will be done by credit card via a secured webpage.
    • If you choose for payment via "Bank Transfer" (Offline), you will receive an email with the bank details to make your payment by bank transfer within the given deadline(s). Only after receipt of your payment your registration will be finalized.

    Registration via PDF form:
    You can also register using the PDF form which you can find and download on the event registration webpage and return to: Please note: Registration with PDF form is subject to an additinal € 10 administration fee.
    Payment must be done by bank transfer or payment link.

    Do I have to be a member to register for an event at member rates?
    Yes. Your membership fee should be paid to benefit from the membership fee for the EAGE events.
    Can I register for an event without payment?
    Yes. You can register for an event witthout payment.
    However your registration will be processed and confirmed only when full payment is received.
    Online registration not possible. What should i do?
    If you cannot register online, try to use another web browser, like chrome. If this also doesn’t work, send a print screen of the error you receive to
    I have paid my membership but I cannot register as member, what should I do?

    If you cannot register as a member, but has paid your membership, please note that it can take up to 10 working days for this to become visible in your account and you will be able to register as a member.

    Will I receive a confirmation letter after I have finished the online registration?
    Yes. A detailed confirmation letter will be sent to you by email as soon as payment is received and the registration is completed. May you not receive an email from EAGE with your confirmation letter attached, check your spam filter. EAGE  members can download their confirmation letter via MyEAGE after login.
    I want to change or upgrade my registration. What do I have to do?
    If you want to change one or more of your registration items, or want to upgrade from exhibition only to full conference, please mail to
    I want to cancell my registration.

    Registration fees will be refunded as follows:•

    • Cancellation received before the early deadline: Full refund (after the conference) minus an administration fee of € 35 per person.
      Non-members please note: membership fee included in the conference fee will not be refunded; membership will remain active for the booked year.

    • Cancellation received on or after the early deadline: No refund will be made. For non-members, please note your included membership will remain active for the remainder of the year.

    Cancellation or changes to any registration must be made in writing (letter, fax or e-mail) to:

    I want to replace my registration with someone else
    Transfer of your registration to another name will cost a €35 administration fee plus possible differences in applicable registrations fees (for instance when changing a registration from a member to a non-member). Cancellation or changes to any registration must be made in writing (letter, fax or e-mail) to:

    How do I obtain my invitation letter?

    In order to obtain an invitation letter, the online invitation letter request form must be completed.
    You can find the invittion letter request form on the registration webpage of the event.

    Please note that EAGE can only send you an official invitation letter after we have received your registration and payment.

    EAGE members can automatically generate an invitation letter in My EAGE after login. 

    For more information or questions regarding the invitation letter, you can contact us via:

    I have received my invitation letter but my visa request is denied
    Please note that EAGE cannot guarantee the usability of an invitation letter. Please refer to the nearest consulate in your country of residence for specific visa requirements.

    I get an error message while filling in a form (i.e. Date of Birth)
    Please check whether you have typed your date of birth correctly, the required format is dd-mm-yyyy.
    Should the error continue, please let us know through including a description of the issue you are running into, supported by screenshots.
    I get an error and cannot proceed
    Should you encounter an error message which does not allow you to finish the process you entered, then please let us know through Screenshots with the stated information and the error received will help us to aid you in a solution.